About us

In a nutshell

Finch Interiors is a team of award winning designers that are passionate about creating unique & inspiring spaces. Our motivation for any project is to give the client something that they are proud to shout about. Our studio is based in London.

Our approach

Our design process is simple and 100% transparent with no hidden costs. We cater for all budgets small, medium or large & we pride ourselves on great communication with our clients.

At every stage we design specifically for your unique requirements & ensure that we deliver exactly what you need. Making our clients happy & successful is why they keep coming back for more. Check out our ‘Testimonials’ here.

We love
a queue

We measure our success by your success. If it doesn’t work for you, then it doesn’t work for us. Design awards are great but they don’t pay your bills, but the people queuing to get into your new venue will.